Do something great !

Do something great :-)

Hi, I am Siew Onn, a certified transformational coach based in Singapore. I help you as change leader to see and live your vision through vertical professional development.  I invite you to explore these workshops.

1. Do you want to know where you are in leadership development? Create your own custom leadership development plan?  If the answer is yes for any of these questions,  consider Your Leadership Development Blueprint.

2. To be a better facilitator for online collaboration, check out Facilitating Better Online Collaboration (Basic)

3. If you want to convert your negative emotions to positive energy and sage powers, then join Reframe and Rebuild 2021.


Besides these workshops, I am also delighted to be your partner in the following ways.
a) Helping change leaders to maximize their potential through professional coaching. I am a certified transformational coach.
b) Helping change leaders to work together for agreed goals through facilitation.  I am a practitioner of Technology of Participation and Liberating Structures.
c) Helping change leaders to upgrade their “leadership operating systems” through 360 leadership assessment tool Leadership Circle Profile and professional coaching.  I am a certified Leadership Circle Consultant.

To get a glimpse of my work, check out my public event page.

If you have a request or a question, feel free to send an email to or schedule a Zoom discovery call.

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