Do something great !

Do something great :-)

Hi, I am Siew Onn, a certified transformational coach based in Singapore. I help leaders in technology go from overwhelming schedule to being more impactful by shifting leadership mindsets.   I invite you to explore Shift2right program.

Besides Shift2right program, I am also delighted to be your partner in the following ways.
a) Helping change leaders to maximize their potential through professional coaching. I am a certified transformational coach.
b) Helping change leaders to work together for agreed goals through facilitation.  I am a practitioner of Technology of Participation and Liberating Structures.
c) Helping change leaders to upgrade their “leadership operating systems” through 360 leadership assessment tool Leadership Circle Profile and professional coaching.  I am a certified Leadership Circle Consultant.

If you have a request or a question, feel free to send an email to or schedule a Zoom discovery call.

Liberating Structures Liberating Structures

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

leadership circle profile (LCP) leadership circle profile (LCP)

Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA)



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