Let them roar, let them soar! How great facilitators help their technology teams to excel?

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If you were given the responsibility to help a technology team to deliver values, what advice and tips would I like to share with you? Below is a summary of my experiences with Scrum teams and lessons I have learned from others.


So for advice and tips shared are general, what are some of unique factors to be considered in a technology team? Based on my professional experiences and observations, there are a significant number of introverts and high IQ people in technology teams.   To work with introverts, here is 4 key considerations.  I also collaborate with technology teams based on 5 principles for organizing collective intelligence.

#1 Autonomous commons – “… elements of intelligence are allowed free rein, and not subordinated too easily to ego, hierarchy, assumption, or ownership”

#2 Balance

#3 Focus

#4 Reflexive

#5 To integrate for action – “… drawing on different types of data and ways of thinking to make a decision”

My “secret” weapon to implement these 5 principles is Liberating Structures.

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