Professional coaching in agile – why, what, when

Interest in professional coaching in agile has been increasing.  There are more videos on professional coaching in agile.   In addition, professional coaching as a theme is also included in 2020 agile coach retreat.


Why using professional coaching in agile

Main reason for leveraging on core coaching competencies by International Coaching Federation in embracing Agile is Agile requires CHANGES in mindset and behaviors.   In the article “Coaching for Change”,  coaches “help” coachees to change through this process

  • envisioning the ideal self
  • exploring the real self
  • developing a learning agenda
  • experimenting and practicing (with new behaviors and roles).

From article “Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training”, individual coaching is more effective in attaining goals, e.g. changes  (“Individual coaching created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attaining their goals, whereas group training successfully promoted the acquisition of relevant knowledge. “)


What is professional coaching in agile?

Professional coaching is a skill of Agile Coach.   From the article,  “Coaching and Agile Coaching. Same same or different?

“In the context of agile teams, coaching takes on the dual flavour of coaching and mentoring. Yes, you are coaching to help someone reach for the next goal in their life, just as a professional work/life coach does. You are also sharing your agile experiences and ideas as you mentor them, guiding them to use agile well. In this way, coaching and mentoring are entwined for the sake of developing talented agilists so that more and better business results arise through agile.”

One common question is agile coaching similar to life coaching  and/or sports coaching?

From article “Agile Coaching Tips“,   

  • “you(agile coach) are there to help them work out what agile practices will help them solve their challenges rather than to convert them to an ideal agile process.”
  • “Draw from the fields of life-coaching and sports coaching for ways to unleash intrinsic motivation.”


When to use professional coaching in agile?

From the topic given, if it is more related to “what”, e.g. how to run Scrum events, an agile coach may use mentoring and/or training.  However if the topic is more related to “who”, e.g. team members are not following Scrum events when Scrum Master is not available,  then an agile coach may prefer professional coaching.   Below is a diagram to represent this approach from Agile Coaching Framework Visual Walk-through (Part 3)

approaches of agile coaching
approaches of agile coaching

Another approach is always staring with coaching stance in agile coaching.

coaching stance in agile coaching
coaching stance in agile coaching


If you are interested in exploring professional coaching competencies, join us in this upcoming online study group.  Register your interest at Path to Coaching – module #1 online study group (2020).


professional coaching in agile
professional coaching in agile

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