Three Critical Factors in Agility

Interest in being agile is increasing as it is a critical factor to survive beyond COVID-19.   For the general public, agile or agility is related to being nimble and adapt quickly.   As an agile practitioner, agility is an end result.  Based on my past experiences in being agile (career and personal life), three factors are crucial in improving agility

  1. Awareness
    Obviously awareness is more than attuning to the external environment.  In being agile, awareness of self is paramount, e.g. who you are, what are your unique talents.  Self-awareness is needed in deciding what is the next direction/experiment.
  2. Courage
    Courage is an attribute to face difficulties.  To be agile, I need to overcome fear of the unknown, e.g. my transition from software developer(technical single contributor) to team facilitator and coach(team enabler using soft skills)
  3. Capabilities to initiate pivoting
    In pivoting, I do not need all required capabilities to start the journey.  In the beginning, I will leverage on whatever resources I have.  For example, in transition from software developer to team enabler, I have leveraged on my technical capabilities to demonstrate values to teams. I am aware and honest about my shortcomings in team facilitation and coaching.  Knowing my unique talents(my desires to serve)  help me to have enough courage to keep pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles.


If you are interested in being agile, book a time slot with me 🙂

Awareness-Courage-Capabilities. 3 factors in agility

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