What if there is more than being an Agile practitioner?

I can feel the negative emotions of some Agile practitioners, e.g. having good intentions does not guarantee positive outcomes.  Below are some challenges from 15th State of Agile Report


Challenge Hopeful role in this challenge
Inconsistencies in processes and practices 46% Organization development
Cultural clashes 43% Organization development
General organizational resistance to change 42% Organization development
Lack of skills and experience 42% Human resources
Absence of leadership participation 41% Human resources
Inadequate management support and sponsorship 40% Human resources


Besides tackling the challenges by Agile practitioners, the obvious strategic option is partnering with HR !  Here is an example using a diagram from The Future of the HR Organization 

Future HR
Future HR

Agile practitioners, your friends are progressive HR Business Partners and VPs of HR.

HR Business Partners and VPs of HR, agility is here to stay and  your friends are agile practitioners with professional training in facilitation and coaching.


“The way forward is paradoxically not to look ahead, but to stop and look around” – John Seely Brown


Resource : Agile HR


If you are interested in a strategy for Infusing Agility Values, check out https://www.askone.sg/resources/strategy-for-infusing-agile-values-in-organisations/


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