My coaching style – shifting to right (#shift2right)

A short sharing of my coaching style – helping clients to be more impactful by leveraging  on right brain (#shift2right).

Shifting to the right brain
Shifting to the right brain

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Hi, my name is Wan. I’m a transformational coach based in Singapore. In this sharing I’m going to share a bit about my coaching style. I first will discuss a bit about professional coaching. Different stages in coaching. Last but not least, I will share a bit about my coaching style.

When I talk about professional coaching, I’m referring to a definition by ICF, International Coaching Federation. It says, “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”. That is the definition by the International Coaching Federation. I highlight two phrases. One is “partnering”. The other one is “maximise potential”. In my interpretation, maximising potential means go beyond obvious. For example, if you can run 5km in an hour. Is it possible to go beyond that, e.g. 8km an hour? And the way I walk with you is to become your partner. And what I mean partner, it means that helping you to understand your goals or outcomes you would like to have and also becoming your mirror, to help you to see the picture clearer and at the same time very conscious of my role here is to help you to grow and not just shift towards the outcome that we agree. That’s what I mean, partnering. And in coaching, there are generally three phases. We start with awareness. We will work together to put “things” on the table like what outcome for the session. What does success look like? What is significant or meaning for this outcome for you? And what we need to address in the session. And usually the hidden parts are usually assumptions. What do you usually assume? What you believe and your values, guiding your behaviours, decisions and actions? Once we’re clear on the outcome, success, significance and the gap, then I usually do a halfway check on the learning. Halfway through, what do you learn about the situation? And about you as an individual? And in generating the options going forward, shift toward outcome, we will work together to gain clarity. What are the options available? And with the new learnings, what are the new possibilities? And one thing I very focus on is new mindsets, e.g. what could help you to be at ease with the new possibilities? And in the third stage, it will be the learning, options. What are you committed to try in the next short period, e.g. a few weeks or a few months? What support may you need to help you to shift towards this new commitment? What could derail you? And how do you know that you’re on the right track? And I also like to focus on celebrating small wins, even though you may not achieve the outcome that you would like to have, at least you’re making baby steps forward.

And about my coaching style, I would like to share the background of my clients. Most of them are professionals, highly technical, logical, and fact driven. So that in maximising their potential, I usually will help them to leverage more on their right brains.  It means that they are already very strong on the left brain, the logic, the facts. So to grow or to maximise potential, I will help them to leverage on their right brains. It means use more of feeling, visualisation or imagination. And if the client is courageous, I may encourage the person to use intuition. That is a wealth of wisdom that everyone has. That is our intuition. And how might we use our right brain? For example, I would like to be a better leader. So I will ask, imagining you are a better leader, how would you look? What would be your behaviour?  How would you show up in the world? What might be a feeling when you are the leader that you wish to be? Is it nervousness, gratitude or fear? And I’m also happy to tap on your body sensation. Besides what the mind can imagine, visualise and think of, what does your body tell you? Whether about the goal or the challenges. Because either way, these are sources of intelligence and information which we could tap on. Last and not the least, intuition. And I usually will invite the clients to close their eyes, and imagine that they have no fear and they are courageous, what type of leader they could be? And these are some ways for me to have my clients to move towards liberation on the right brain. And if you’re ready for better self, and you have some questions about my coaching services, here is the link you can book a time slot with me, to discuss any topic about coaching. Thank you.


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