My journey with emotions

A sharing on my experiences related to emotions. This is part I of my relationship with emotions.

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Hi, my name is Wan. In this session, I’m going to share with you my relationship with my emotions. This is part one. I will share  my journey with my emotions. Before sharing, I would like to offer two questions. The first one is during sharing, what do you observe? What do you hear? What do you see? Second question is during shearing, what is your emotion?  Yes, you may put down your observations and feelings on a piece of paper or using any electrical  device.  If you need more time, pause this video. And when you are ready, you may play this video again.


After college, my first career was very much related to computers.  I sit in front of computers for more than eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. Sometimes it could exceed ten hours.  During office hours, I’m mostly working with the computers.  I seldom talk to others. And, as part of my job, it’s not necessary. And I don’t feel much emotion, especially strong emotion. After work, I love to surf websites related to investment. I am also interested in trading. So after working hours or after work, I spend two or three hours going through different websites related to trading and investment. Sometimes I even stay late to monitor the US markets.  And this goes on for at least 10 years.  I feel OK and satisfied with my job, in my career, in my professional hobby, I do not need to interact with people much. And I think it’s okay.  Not to have strong emotions.


And then I got an opportunity to work with others, people in the teams. And I realise different people have different ways of interpreting the same situation and at the same time we need to work together.  So I feel a bit of a hassle that I need to work with people as compared to the previous career, in which I don’t have much interaction with people.  So I try different ways to work with them. I’m very much focused on my goals and achievements.  Sometimes I even play nice to gain collaboration with others, to gain their approval and trust.  And sometimes I even play politics.  So in this career or at that period, I very much resonate with the book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.  I hear this feedback often – “I don’t understand you.  Please say it again”.  And that creates the feeling of unease and discomfort in me.  I try to find answers and solutions. And that’s how I got into my third career.


In the third career, I usually have a deep conversation with others either individually or in the teams.  And I find that if I just use logic, I find my own limitations.  For example, if I keep on thinking about what other questions that I could offer to my clients,  I find that I come across as cold or not connected with my client. And I’m sure they feel the same.   And the conversation becomes very over the head, into logical mind.  And I also feel that, if I can offer my feeling and intuition during the conversation and dialogue, there may be a positive  surprise.  My clients may say, “Oh, that is new. That is not what I could imagine or consider.”  And I feel much happier when I can offer them some possibilities  for growth.  This is a short sharing of my journey with my emotions.


Before I end this session, let me repeat two questions that you may use while listening to my sharing.  “What do you observe?”, the first question.  The second question is “What is your emotion?”  Before I end sharing for this session, I want to share what I will be offering in part two. In part two, I will try to unpack my journey with my emotions and a few suggestions.  If you would like to get an update for part two, you may subscribe to my email list, or subscribe to this channel .  Thank you.


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