My meaning-making in 2022 Ukraine crisis

Meaning-making on 2022 Ukraine crisis from different stages in vertical development.

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Hey, my name is Wan. I’m a coach based in Singapore. In this sharing I’m going to share with you, my meaning-making in the 2022 Ukraine crisis. In this session, I’m not trying to persuade you to take any position. And my main purpose is to share my meaning-making and see the crisis from different stages in vertical development. Let’s get started.

All right. Before I share my meaning-making, let’s put the systems on the table. On the right hand, there is a system with Russia and China. In the middle, it is the European system. On the left is the US system. And for the sake of simplicity, I’m in the rest of the world. And my concerns are effects of the crisis, e.g. on my investments. The effects of the crisis on my safety, or security. And impacts on my values. For this sharing, a model I’m going to share with you is, Vertical Mindset Indicator. In this model or framework, there are different stages. People in different stages may react or respond to the crisis in different ways based on their meaning-making. And I would like to emphasise that people in the later stage of vertical development do not necessarily mean they are better than people in the early stage.

One of the stages of Vertical Mindset Indicator is Expert. People in this stage see the situation from skill building and mastery. They’re interested to know what is going on in each different system. For example, the Russia/China system, Euro system, US system and the rest of the world. And they see the systems through logic and data. And usually they will be inclined to pick one of the systems and pay less attention to the other systems. For example, if you pick the US system, you may be less focused on the other system like Russia/China.

And in another stage, the Achiever stage, people in the Achiever stage are more interested in goals and achievements. They drive very hard for results. For example, in the Achiever stage, one of the goals may be financial abundance. And for people in this stage, they will concentrate on how the crisis affects their goals and their performance. And one of them is definitely, investment return and how the volatility from the crisis affects their investments. They may also want to consider the relationship between systems because investments usually are not isolated events.

And in another stage Redefining, people in this stage are influenced by their values and purposes and they may see the crisis from a systemic perspective, not only considering the dynamic within each system. They also consider the impact of one system towards others. And their actions are likely to be influenced by values and purposes. For example, my value is to allow people to make their own decisions and therefore the impact of the crisis on me is a violation of autonomy. People in Ukraine may not have the autonomy they had in the past. And therefore I feel this value has been violated.

These are some of the meaning-making from my perspective, and from different stages in vertical development. And if you would like to receive email notification when there is an update from AskOne, please subscribe to this email notification service. And if you want to know more about vertical development, here is the link to book a time slot with me. Thank you for your time.

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