From blank face to silence

Blank face was my response in one of the coaching sessions a couple of years ago. My coach was asking “What do you feel in your body?”. Many thoughts ran through my mind. One of them is “What is the “smart” response to nothing?” And now? I ask this question to my clients, “I feel this is a wall/river between you and xxx“. In the beginning, I was thinking about what is a way to “feel”(can you see my habit of thinking on feeling?). Training? Exercise? These help and I feel there is something missing. A coach said “Let go”. Million thoughts went through my mind again, like “What would others think when a ‘smart’ person like me ‘let go’?” In my coaching journey, I have discovered letting go of the past is only part of the solution, having a new image is essential. You may try these few steps to have a new image.
1) In a quiet and safe place, using your memory, draw yourself using pen and paper assuming only you can see the image
2) What if there is a mental block while drawing? You may ask a few friends to draw you. Pick one that is closest to you in your opinion.
3) For the goal or change you would like to have, what would you change in the image?

Here is an example. To “feel”, I need to stop the “noise”, e.g. having silence.

To “feel”, I need to stop the “noise”, e.g. having silence.

If your existing image is influenced heavily by left-brain and you are ready to shift to right, check out

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