Why does removal of straw elicit different responses?

I was puzzled. My favorite restaurant has withdrawn the use of single-use straws. There are different responses.

Why does removal of straw elicit different responses?
Why does removal of straw elicit different responses?
  • Group A may feel inconvenienced. They are used to enjoying their drinks from using straws. They assume it is the responsibility of the restaurant to provide straws for drinking just like other utensils. They view themselves as consumers of restaurants.
  • Group B may feel sorry for not bringing their reusable straws. They understand the downsides of using single-use straws. They view themselves as supporters of environmental cause of restaurant.
  • Group C may feel a little relieved by finding a solution of enjoying a drink without using straws. They drink directly from the containers, e.g cups. They view themselves as independent and resourceful.

According to vertical development practitioners, these different responses may be due to different perspectives from different self-images, e.g. consumer, resourceful independent. If you are interested to understand some theories in vertical development, here is a starting point → https://www.stageshift.coach/blog/what-is-vertical-development

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