Panel Discussion on Fostering Collaboration Across Boundaries

collaboration across boundaries
collaboration across boundaries

We know the importance of collaboration since we form communities and companies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, something has shifted for collaboration across boundaries. What is the reality for all of us? What are new challenges and choices for collaboration across boundaries? I am happy these professionals have agreed to join a panel discussion to explore the topic: of collaboration across boundaries.
1) Lawrence Philbrook, CPF, CToPF, Director at Institute of Cultural Affairs Taiwan
2) Joe Chan, PCC (ICF), Youth Life Coach
3) Seri Tasripin, CPCC, Facilitator & Coach


With the help of co-facilitator Andal Krishnan, we hope you have a new perspective and takeaways on the topic.

If this topic interests you, join us on Dec 12, 2022.  Here is the registration page →

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