Coach Wan

COACH: Siew Onn, Wan
LOCATION: Singapore
EXPERTISE: Leadership Coaching, Vertical Development
CERTIFICATION: ICF ACC, Positive Intelligence Program Facilitation, Leadership Circle Profile, ICP Leading with Agility
LANGUAGE: English, Mandarin, Bahasa

COACHING STYLE: Transformational, holistic
INDUSTRY: Technology, Software

Before transitioning to be a professional coach, Siew Onn had been a software specialist for more than fifteen years and Agile practitioner for more than three years. Using his experiences in helping cross-functional product development teams to improve performance, Siew Onn has explored the world of coaching, facilitation, training and organisational development. From collaborating with leaders in various domains, one observation is many leaders are also experts in at least one domain. For a few leaders, too much focus on these expertise may have impacts on leadership at a higher level. Here is quote from the book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Marshall Goldsmith

“If I can help you consider the possibility that, despite your demonstrable success and laudable self-esteem, you might not be as good as you think you are; that all of us have corners in our behavioral makeup that are messy; and that these messy corners can be pinpointed and tidied up, then I can leave the world—and your world—a slightly better place than I found it.”

What is an approach in creating a slightly better place than I found it? From my experiences of various roles, shifting mindsets is paramount. For example, from laser-focused on facts and logical reasoning, I find embracing my right brain has been transformational, e.g seeing the world in different perspectives. That is where my background in transformational coaching is handy. To sustain shifting in perspectives and behaviours, I find the Positive Intelligence program plays an important role. After exploring saboteurs and gaps in professional development, I partner with clients to develop a plan using sage powers.

If you are ready to consider the possibility that there might be another approach or perspective in a challenge, please allow me to help 🙂