Coaching Conversation

To me, in a coaching conversation, you are my partner. Based on my coaching experiences, you already have the foundation to be a better version of yourself. My main role is to be a mirror. With your permission, I will help you to understand more and deeper about yourself. I assure confidentiality as described in ICF Code of Ethics. I am a member of ICF Singapore chapter since 2018 and Certified Professional Transformational Coach.  As in any relationship, trust is the most important factor. To find out whether we can collaborate, please book a discovery call using my coaching discovery calendar. The first session is always free. I use zoom in most coaching conversations.  Below is a short video on my coaching style.

Transcript :

P. S If you are interested in comparison of coaching, mentoring, counselling and consulting, check out this video.

Other tools I may use
1) Leadership Circle Profile – 360 leadership assessment
2) Positive Intelligence – shifting from saboteurs to sage powers

Optional : Vertical Mindset Indicator