Resources for Online Facilitation

One-page Resources for Online Facilitators 

In this resource, online facilitation = facilitation + online production of events/activities, e.g meetings, webinars, training courses, workshops. 


Getting Started

Online facilitation is used in different online activities. Below are some examples 

  1. Training/ learning, e.g resources for virtual classroom 
  2. Virtual collaboration , e.g virtual design sprint
  3. Remote work, e.g resources for remote work 


 Tips from online facilitation practitioners

  1. How to do effective video calls
  2. Our 10 Tips to Have Productive and Engaging Virtual Meetings
  3. How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings
  4. 11 Tips to improve remote meetings
  5. 10 things to level up your online facilitation power
  6. Remote facilitation best practices (for design sprint) 
  7. Moving online: What you can implement now (for online training) 
  8. Remote Working : When You Need to Get Up To Speed Quickly
  9. The Remote Work Playbook


Tools :



  1. Essential tips for virtual facilitator 
  2. MURAL for facilitators


Relevant Books


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Curated by Wan

“I still prefer face to face interactions. In some situations, online session may be the only viable option. This resource is to help us to improve effectiveness of online sessions”