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A Comprehensive 3-Stage Program To Enable You Unleash Your Leadership Potential From A Certified Coach

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“The pandemic and its aftermath have highlighted the need for leaders who are empathetic, inclusive and highly flexible.”

~ HRM Asia magazine

“4 reasons why right-brained leadership matters: intuition to make decisions, leaders must inspire and motivate, reading and relating to people is essential, understanding and collaboration”

~ Christopher Clothier, entrepreneur & writer

Most leaders are running on their left brain, which is logical and analytical. But there’s only so far left brain can help you to work with teams effectively on daily basis.

To lead effectively, we must engage in right-brain activities – where we feel, imagine and sense. Only by activating your right brain can you become an effective, trustworthy and inspiring leader.

This is why I created a program called Shift2Right – a comprehensive 3-stage program that will help you activate your right brain for unleashing your full leadership potential.

What is Shift2Right?

After 10 years as a software developer and a few more years as an Agile practitioner, I have observed that the speed of tech companies growth is increasing, which leads to a lot of specialists getting leadership roles. At the same time, the level of training and attention these new leaders are getting is not enough to support the growth and speed their job requires.

This is why I created Shift2Right. In my many years of experience I have uncovered a very simple secret – best leaders tap into their right brain.  When you tap into your right brain, there are many leadership qualities you will uncover, just to name a few:

You will become more intuitive. As much as we like to believe we make all our decisions based on data and logic, at the end of the day the decision needs to feel right. That’s where intuition kicks in. The more you can activate your right brain, the more in tune you’ll feel with your intuition.

You will be able to motivate and engage people. Best leaders understand that their people, stakeholders and customers need motivation and encouragement. Engaged team members are way more productive, they enjoy their work more and keep up their performance in the long run.

You will build stronger relationships. Right-brain leaders know that establishing strong relationships at work is a key to a successful career. Being able to relate to people, build trust and loyalty is an essential part of any growth and long-term impact.

These and many more benefits are what will bring you the edge at work, help you reduce the overwhelm that comes with leadership roles and make you feel on top of your game.

Shift2Right is a unique 3-stage leadership program that reaches beyond simple skill/competency development.
1) It is about discovery of new perspectives using sage powers and coaching conversations.
2) Shifting to new behaviours, e.g. daily Positive Intelligence focus, challenges and gym exercises.
3) Peer support for extended leadership development.

How does Shift2right work?

Shift2Right is a 3 stage program, with every stage you’ll learn more about yourself and work towards improving your leadership skills by activating your right brain.

Stage 1:
Awareness of current behaviours

3 of 9 saboteurs

In the first stage, I am going to help you gain clarity on your own saboteur behaviours.
For example, how does an overuse of strength impact your leadership effectiveness?
You will go through an assessment that will help me guide you in the next stages.

Stage 2:
Shifting to new behaviours based on right brain

Once we establish your saboteur behaviours and gaps in creative competencies, you will start stage 2 of your journey – planning your leadership roadmap.

At the same time, I will help you to shift from saboteur behaviours to leveraging on sage powers using the Positive Intelligence program.
In this stage, you will develop 3 muscles :
(1) Saboteur Interceptor Muscle
(2) Self-Command Muscle
(3) Sage Muscle.

mental fitness muscles
mental fitness muscles

In order to deal with your specific leadership challenges, I will hold coaching conversations to ensure you are getting all the support you require.

In these conversations, I will help you gain clarity on the leadership challenges, new opportunities and provide support you need to shift towards desired outcome.


Stage 3:
Peer support for leadership development

I believe for best possible results it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people. Building a community of leaders who are working on tapping into their right brain can be crucial in your success. In this stage, help the cohort to develop a scaffolding structure to support each other in your leadership journeys.

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What others have said?

“I’ve seen a deepening of self-awareness. I’ve seen a transformation from negative responses to inputs, to consciously acknowledging this default saboteur behaviour and changing to a sage perspective.
I no longer feel strong grievances about past experiences. In specific, I take the “bad” outcome from the last employment as a learning process and seek to find new opportunities from there. I’ve seen the transformation in many areas. In my career, I’m re-training my mind to give positive responses during interviews. In the family, I’m applying the technique for positive parenting. In trading, I’m re-training my mind to stay calm whatever state of the market. It has a very fundamental change to the perspective”.
~ Mr. Kua, cohort Oct 2021

“Siew Onn has an insightful coaching style. He is intuitive, calm and supportive. He listened to me deeply and gave me lots of space to explore. He is great at leveraging the power of metaphors to encourage me to explore solutions creatively. Through working with Siew Onn, I have gained much clarity for moving forward. Thank you Siew Onn!”
~ Val, Nov 2021

About your coach

Coach Wan
Coach Wan

I am Wan Siew Onn, ICF credentialed coach and a certified transformational coach/facilitator based in Singapore.

For the past decade I have worked in technology as a software developer and later an Agile practitioner. I have gained extensive experience as a scrum master, which eventually led me towards the coaching path.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve seen among tech leaders is the tendency to rely on logical processing, which has been successful in the past and led them to their current stage. However, in a new role the challenge is shifting away from that focus and activating the right brain—the side that all people have but don’t always use for the most impactful leadership.

As a former tech leader myself, I have experienced this firsthand.  Having found a solution—a process for activating the right side of my brain, which has helped me to unleash my full leadership potential—I am on a mission to help other technology leaders do the same. With my 3-stage program, you can transform your own leadership abilities by activating your right brain.

Wan's credentials in leadership and coaching
Wan’s credentials in leadership and coaching
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