Why coaching and facilitation

“I want professionals of different fields to work together for a transformative change”

That is my professional vision after many months of searching and introspection.  Collaborating together in a team is normal for many professions. Collaborating across several fields is gaining popularity due to complexities of change, e.g. discovery of vaccines for covid-19.  A lot of professionals know the importance of collaboration in their logical minds.  So why do we still find collaboration, especially collaboration across different fields, is still challenging?  So what is missing?  Based on my experiences, three factors are crucial for collaboration across different fields

Some of these skills can be developed in a learning environment. Others require support and a shift in mindset which coaching is generally a suitable tool.   Since collaboration is in a team setting, to have desirable transformative change, facilitation is a must.  In short coaching and facilitation are required because 


“We want professionals of different fields  to work together for a transformative change”


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